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About Me

My name is Anna Jaskulska. I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist (education and experience).

I live and work in Szczecin, where I run a therapeutic office called A PLACE OF ONE’S OWN. My office is located near the city centre, in a green and friendly vicinity. It provides my clients and myself with a safe space conducive to meeting and working together in therapy and counselling.  

I am passionate about working with people who desire change in various aspects of their lives. I work with adults as well as adolescents and children.  

I conduct individual/group psychotherapy and counselling for adults. I help them to solve problems concerning mental health, such as relationship difficulties, phobias or affective disorders; I also offer support in crisis situations. What is more, I work with parents facing challenges in parenting, pregnant women and new mothers who struggle to adjust to their new role.

I help adolescents to overcome difficulties concerning identity, self-esteem, self-destructive and aggressive behaviours and establishing and maintaining peer relationships (individual/group therapy and counselling). I also offer psychological support in crisis situations.

I run workshops for children that aim at helping them to develop cognitive skills and enhancing their self-esteem. I help children who experience learning and social difficulties, including children presenting aggressive behaviours.

I conduct sessions in Polish or English.

In justified cases I can work via Skype.

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.


How do I work?

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First Meeting the first session can be stressful, especially for people who have never been to a psychologist before. Being anxious or nervous is completely normal since this is a typical reaction to new situations. The first meeting is simply a conversation during which I am trying to get to know my client and to understand what is his view of the problem and how the problem affects his/her life. Together we establish what kind of work will be appropriate and what goal we are going to reach. In some case more than one meeting is necessary to do this.

Psychological support/counselling - a short-term form of cooperation I usually propose in crisis situations or in order to address specific difficulties. Examples of such situations are grief, relationships breakup or cheating, other situations concerning loss, as well as challenges regarding parenting, self-esteem or maintaining peer relationships (children, adolescents), personal conflicts at work, lack of assertiveness etc.

Frequency of sessions – usually once a week, 50 min.

In crisis situation the frequency depends on client’s needs.

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Individual psychotherapy – – a long-term form of cooperation appropriate for people who face mental health problems that adversely affect very many aspects of their lives. Most clients experience such problems as causing substantial mental suffering that impedes the realisation of their potential in both personal and professional life. I propose individual therapy to the clients struggling with neurotic disorders (phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks etc.), depression, personality disorders or those who experience substantial difficulties in relationships with others.

Psychotherapy is based on mutual trust and on experiencing an interpersonal relationship, which means it consists in cooperation between the client and the psychotherapist. We work together on the recognition and change of some aspect of the client’s personality structure and their patterns of interpersonal relationships. In many cases it leads to symptoms’ elimination or alleviation and, subsequently, to substantial improvement in the quality of client’s life.

Frequency of sessions – once a week, 50 min.

Group psychotherapy – a form of cooperation I find appropriate for people experiencing similar psychological difficulties. The participants attend meetings during which they work together on their problems and share their experience. Group therapy enables clients to establish and maintain many more interpersonal relationships than in individual therapy and allows the participants to learn from each other. It’s effective in a number of disorders and difficulties.

Frequency – one a week, 90 min.

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The longest journey of my life was the journey to my own self.

-Alice Miller-


Should you want to get in touch or fix an appointment, please use the contact details listed below:

Anna Jaskulska


Phone number: 609321170

Adress: 24 Monte Cassino Street, 70-467 Szczecin